Pikkpack’s Visit at Lineapelle Milano 2016

Sara and Andras visited the 2016 Lineapelle International Fair in Milano to search for some new, preferably synthetic materials. We are really aiming to introduce the vegan Pikkpacks as soon as possible, this is why we wanted to have a look at the newcomer stuff. In the followings we would like to share our experiences with you and give an insight into such events through some pictures.

At most of the stands, the leathers are shown hung. This way the fall of the material becomes much more visible. What we really liked in case of this stand, was that they paid attention to the metal accessories as well to keep the overall look stylish.

At fairs like Lineapelle, there are usually different schools or exhibitions revolving around a specific topic. At this stand the viewers could see an exhibition consisting of 10 pieces. The theme was ‘designing with vegetable tanned cowhide’.

One could also vote for his/her favorite object. My favorite designer was a Finnish girl who designed small shoes.

Usually it was obvious which stands were the cooler ones since these were always surrounded with a huge crowd that wanted to touch the new materials.

In order to enter some stands we needed to leave our business card at the entrance. It was a bit strange to me at the beginning. With time you can get used to it quite quickly if you are curious enough.

Endless flow of leather in various qualities and in all colors of the rainbow. Different surfaces, shiny and matt, unimaginable textures and solutions.

Unfortunately, there are several leather on sale that are made of exotic animals. I will never understand why people like to work with them. I think it’s completely superfluous since thanks to modern technologies it’s possible to get same surfaces on a cow hide too. Cow hide with crocodile pattern for instance. The weirdest thing to me was the eel leather. It cannot be on sale as it is, only when it’s sewn together which means that the stitches are visible, not to mention that the leather is thin like paper.

This view welcomed us when we entered the huge fair.

It was the second time I visited a fair like this so it was not a big surprise to me. My husband, Andras was fascinated by the whole thing though.

There were of course some very minimalistic stands too, such as this one where the company’s samples were hung only in the middle. The trend colors were showcased at the sides.

We found some quite extreme stands where even the T-shirts were made of leather… I reckon it’s nothing more than wasting resources. We took the photo just to show you different and sometimes weird ways how the sellers were trying to attract the visitors to their stands.

Here you can see a resting area which was quite uncharacteristic of the fair. Everyone was in a hurry and everyone was in dire search of something. The common visitor was the businessman in suit, however, there were also some people who looked as designers.

Unfortunately we were not able to take many photos due to the strict security system. The companies were protecting their stands from being photographed so we can now show you only a few pics.

One could find several other accessories beside leather, also in hangar-sized areas. There was nothing you couldn’t find that you wanted. Entry is usually free to these kinds of fairs but you need to previously register.

In conclusion, we have become wiser with our experience and got useful information from many sellers. However, we need to keep on searching for the best material. We keep you posted on the project! xxx

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