Fuck you, HelloFresh. You Foodjehovas.
Sidney Vollmer

Hmmm…. I also used to be a fan of HelloFresh, but the quality of the meals had gone down over time. And too often there were meals that simply weren’t good.

Luckily I never had an experience as bad as yours. But I understand where the frustration comes from.

Last year I switched to Marley Spoon, I can highly recommend it!! Nice things about MS is that you can pick your meals. I would rate the meals from HF as a 5–6, with an occasional 7 if you were lucky. With MS I think it’s always a 7–8, and sometimes a 9. What I also like is that MS gives relatively big portions of meat compared to HF. With HF I remember getting like 300g of pasta with 100g of chicken for two people.

Give it a shot if you still have faith in food boxes! My girlfriend and I are super happy with it.

Note: Marley Spoon also isn’t perfect, I once had fish that went bad after 4 days of receiving the box. Later I realized that they only guarantee fish to be fresh for two days, so it’s my own fault. But I still felt like it went bad a bit too quickly. But that was my only complaint after using it for 7–8 months.

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