Why is feminism so important?

So, that’s the real question right now, isn’t it? We all have have been slightly influenced by something in our life being sexist: advertisement. Women, specially, are sold as perfect, delicate, young, and, we all say “Oh, but that’s just photoshop, it is not true” and we all know it is not true, but we still accept it as true, and make us influence by it; in some way. But have you seen men in advertisements? They have wrinkles, they don’t need to worry about age, the don’t need to look flawless and most importantly, they are also affected by this.

Most people think feminism is something that only empowers women; they think the meaning is to treat women in the same degree as men. Wrong. Of course, not completely wrong, but it is not only about women, it is also about men, and stereotypes. Since very young, we have been teaches basic very wrong things: Girl- Pink, Boy- Blue; Girl- makeup, Boy- sports; Girl- skinny, Boy- muscular. And a tone more of this. But why? Is it because we are supposed to be like this? No, not at all. Be whatever you feel more comfortable with. Who ever you are, don’t feel uncomfortable with what you like, because that’s one of your most biggest values. And I apologize for this corny sentences, I am sorry; but they are true. Why does a man need to like blue? Does that make him more of a man? That makes no sense. We have been taught since very little to make this our own normal understanding of someone. Stereotypes.

Ok, but how do stereotypes affect feminism? Very easy. You get a stereotype of how a women/men is ‘supposed’ to act in a situation and there you have it: sexist. Not all sexist points are made by stereotypes, but most are. Let’s take an example: women can’t drive. Done, sexist comment + stereotype.

Taking back the fact that what we are taught from young age is what be develop, let’s talk about how feminist women have to act. “Is it feminist to wear makeup?” yes, if you are wearing makeup for yourself, not to make you feel more comfortable. Now, men “Is it feminist to hold a door open for a woman?” Completely, just make sure you also treat a man the same way because they have no reason to be stronger than women or not offended.

But I haven’t still showed my point. Why is feminism so important? In my opinion, feminism is important to stop judging. To show how diverse we can be. To show our most important talents and passions, not worrying if you are a men or a women, because, does it really matter?