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Some people call it luck, others call it blessings; I like to call synchronicity the spot where intention meets opportunity. We have all had an experience of this kind, when we want to learn about a topic and we find the name of an important author on our Twitter feed, or a friend in Facebook has just posted an article that interests us. There are hundreds of examples.

This happened to me when I found Medium. I had been thinking about a way to publish stories again, to come back to the writing world and meet readers. I did all that I could to have a blog on Wordpress, but I wanted more exposure, I also wanted something simple, and especially without ads. For some time, I believed that I would have to do all that by myself, until my intention of writing met the opportunity to publish.

One of my students developed very good writing skills and I insisted on the idea of sharing his thoughts with others. By trying to help him find a platform that can be easy and simple for him I found Medium. I read stories for about three weeks, and I was happy as a reader; but a little part of me still wanted to find an audience.

One day I woke up feeling strong enough to build a world of my own, I searched my old stories, jotted down ideas for other short pieces and decided to publish my first post. I had sent an email to a publication, but they never answered and then I found Imperfect Writers of the World. Mark added me as a writer to the publication and the rest is history.

I can’t wait for more synchronicities to be frank!

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