Source: Unsplash

The imagination of a little girl

While I was at a café a few weeks ago, I saw a little girl playing a game that I called “invisible wall”. She may have been 3 or 4 years old, and was wearing a light blue dress. I was watching her from my table that was next to the door where she had the “invisible wall”.

This was her game: she took some distance and then run towards the door and right by the threshold she would stop, and put her hands in front of her as if she was touching a wall; then, she’d run back to do this again, making a surprised face every time she touched the invisible wall. It was fascinating.

Then, I noticed she took longer to come back to the wall and this time she came running faster, I could hear her steps approaching when I saw her jump across the invisible wall, she passed the threshold and came to our side of the café to check it out. She looked quickly at the counter and the tables, but she didn’t see me. Then she ran away as quickly as she had come.

I loved this little girl; I want to have her imagination!