Celeste over my bags at Birmingham Airport, UK

Traveling companion

Several years ago, I fell in love with a guy who was never going to love me right as he was gay. I not only cried my heart out, but also my pride and my self-esteem. I felt lost for a while, but I decided to overcome all that quickly, so I accepted to be friends with him.

He visited me a couple of times, we talked things through over Colombian coffee and my soul revived. In one of his last visits he got me a knitted doll and ceremoniously said: “I give you this doll to accompany you in your trips abroad. She will be your traveling companion.” That same day I called her Celeste and I took her with me to study in England. The smiley doll was with me at my arrival, during the Reading Week and in my graduation. The picture above is from the day I left UK.

When love is not possible, companionship always is.