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A bit more than six years ago, Ted Han took over as lead developer at, then a humble side project Eric Umansky, Scott Klein and I launched in 2009 to build trust in journalism.

Oh how things have changed. has since grown into a global platform serving thousands of journalists and newsrooms around the world. It was not destined to be so. Journalists tend not to be sharers by nature, and so when we launched we weren’t sure any reporters would want to share their documents with colleagues, much less the world.

In those days we would have been thrilled to see a few hundred documents uploaded in a week. Today, we routinely see 40,000, 50,000 and even 60,000 documents uploaded.

When we hit one million weekly document views in 2011, we were stunned. Today, DocumentCloud regularly serves millions of document views each day.

When we launched, DocumentCloud was seen as a nice-to-have, something newsrooms viewed as a bonus. Today, we’re a go-to platform for breaking news, at the center of the biggest stories, from Wikileaks to Panama Papers and the Snowden documents.

DocumentCloud has indeed grown and matured well beyond what any of us could have imagined back in 2009. It’s now a platform on which news organizations rely, something they expect to be there when they need it. And the one person most responsible for all of that is Ted.

If you read between the lines here, you can guess where this is headed: Ted will be stepping away from the lead developer role. But I am thrilled to say he won’t be stepping away from DocumentCloud.

Once we have the new lead in place, Ted will move into a role focused on collaborations and experimentation — the sorts of big-picture things you don’t always get to do when you’re responsible for a platform that served more than 100 million documents in the past six months.

An example of the sort of experimentation we’re talking about is Quackbot, the journalism-focused Slackbot we collaborated on with our friend John Keefe at Quartz.

So, who are we looking for as our lead developer? Someone who is a creative and capable technologist of course, and someone who wants to take a leading role in ensuring that DocumentCloud will thrive into its second decade and beyond.

We take a very pragmatic, non-religious view of technology here, and we’re looking for someone who shares that point of view. We’re primarily a Ruby on Rails platform, and proud of our role as the first Backbone.js application. But we’re not dogmatic and always keep on the lookout for the best tools for the job as DocumentCloud and the industry grows.

Equally important, we’re looking for someone who believes in code with a purpose, someone who isn’t satisfied churning out widgets and dingalings for any old We are a mission-driven organization, and our lead developer must share our belief in transparency, accountability and the importance of journalism in a healthy democracy.

We’re also looking for someone who is interested in shaping the next generation of journalists and journo/coders. There’s a reason we brought DocumentCloud to Philadelphia, and aligned it with the Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple, after all.

We don’t mind remote working. In fact we prefer it: Our team is currently spread coast-to-coast, from Oakland to Boston. Still, some travel may be necessary since there will be times when we will need to be in the same location, for conferences, training or team gatherings.

The full job description is here. If this role sounds interesting and you have questions, drop me a line at or apply directly at