Shooting Shenanigans

I sometimes feel like I sound like a broken record when I say, “I am a writer”. I often also feel like I do not enough stress on my background as a photographer and my love for the camera.

So, when the chance to shoot our first feature for our broadcast program came, I thought — yeah! this is going to be my moment to shine!

Boy! Was I wrong?! Not in the sense that I did not know what to do. I can modestly say that I am okay in the camera department, but it was lighting that really got me putting my nerdy, geeky glasses on!

Who knew lighting was so exciting?! Back home, the husband has a lot of lighting paraphernalia and that would be our dating hangout. Get those Elinchromes out and light the bejesus out of our place. We were that couple!

I am convinced as soon as I took out our lighting kit today for our feature, my other group mates rolled there eyes and thought I am nuts to even try this.

Ha! If only they knew how geeky I am about that stuff. To say that we have the most awesome and silly people in our group would be understating their goofy selves.

We had a really hot girl dress up as an ugly guy with blonde hair and a black beard, green sunglasses and a baseball hat. We are that silly.

We had yet another extremely good looking girl dress up as a lesbian werewolf. Told ya!

In the end, we managed to shoot a film with some really cool lighting and some scary make up and lots of blood and gore. But, it was lighting that brought out my groove!