✂️ 🎀 Premiere of the Pillar Payment Network — first ever free, private & instant crypto transactions ⚡️ | Prove your age with a QR code? 🎂📱

The next chapter on PLR Token Utility
Learn about our soon to be launched Pillar Payment Network, where you will easily transact…

⛽️ for free (no gas fees)
⏲ instantly (no confirmation wait) and
🔐 privately (off-chain)

It’s a world-first crypto experience, powered by PLR. 🚀

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The Smartest Wallet — still wondering what the fuss is all about? 🤔
Watch our latest video to see how we’re making your wallet more secure than ever. It will soon be loss-proof and even customisable. 🎨

Pablo’s message to all the hardware wallet advocates out there — we’re coming for you…

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🆔📲 Prove your age with a QR code?
One of our devs and Odyssey Hack-ers wrote about the steps we’re taking to create your Personal Data Locker. Our privacy-first approach to identity verification will allow you to do things like confirm you’re of legal age, without revealing how old you actually are.

No more flattering compliments from bartenders, sorry…

Read Ron’s introduction to digital identity

👛 Part III on PLR Tokenomics
The third and final post on PLR Token Utility will be dropped next week. You don’t want to miss this one…

See you soon!
The Pillar Team

Thursday 9 May 2019