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Jun 8, 2018

Pillar is community driven and always will be. 9,000 of you supported us by buying PLR tokens during our ICO — and many continue to contribute to the project from all over the world.

Community is our strongest asset and we need ambassadors to expand its reach to other regions, assist with translations, events, meetups, channel management, and communication.

Here’s how you can contribute and engage as a Pillar Ambassador:

Group Admins
Events Ambassador
Spread the Word!
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Group admins

Telegram is one of the most active channels for the blockchain community. The Pillar English language group has over 2,000 members. We have recently opened groups for Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Lithuanian, Portuguese and German speakers.

To become a Telegram admin, first get to know the group by joining the discussion — then reach out to one of the admins. The role of the admin is to be both the gatekeeper who prevents spam, abusive content and users, and the facilitator to keep discussions on topic, answer questions, share and translate related content.

If there is no group in place for your region or dialect, contact Jelena Keatley who will set one up. There are many other great channels besides Telegram, so please let us know what’s working in your network.


We produce a lot of content — videos, blogs, social updates, flyers, and print — and there are a lot of languages (roughly 6,500). Not everything needs translating, so this is the focus if you can help us reach your region.

  • Video subtitles — YouTube makes it pretty easy to add them directly to videos by following their tutorial. You can see if the work has been started and add or amend from there.
  • This is best video to start with as it provides a concise overview on what Pillar is and what it’s working to achieve. Others that provide evergreen relevance, such as this, or this, should be prioritised. If they aren’t there already, adding English subtitles is a big help, as it eases translation into other languages.
  • Website — Our homepage text, blog posts/updates, and product features will need to be translated into other languages. As we are moving to a new site soon, we have installed a plugin as a temporary solution but would love to hear if you can help.
  • Pillar Grey Paper — The Grey Paper is the DNA of the project and should be widely available to other languages. If you’d like to translate it to your native tongue, please message Jelena Keatley on Telegram or Mattermost to see if anyone is working on it. Google translate is your friend here.
  • Social media — Reposting and translating key social updates in other language groups is a big way to add value and update your regions. Focus on long term and product focused content. Or you could take over the whole channel and represent the Pillar idea to a new community!


Hosting a meetup is a great way to educate, connect, and build connections for growth. We already have community members in the US and South Korea working on meetups in their region. We hope to share their success stories with you soon.

Here’s how to approach it:

  • Introduce yourself — Test the waters on Mattermost or Telegram first to find other community members in your region, gauge interest, and identify individuals who could partner with you on hosting.
  • Send us a proposal — Nothing formal — just outline the where, when, and who. When you have done the research, contact Jelena Keatley on Mattermost or Telegram and we can assess the feasibility and advise whether another is scheduled in the area.
  • We’ll support you — A meetup is a lot of work, and needs to be well-prepared to reflect our brand. If you can show that it is feasible, there is interest in your area, and we like the proposal, we will support you. This can include reimbursements for the costs for venue hire/logistics, promotional material such as flyers and merchandise, marketing the event on our channels, and sending Pillar representatives to your event.

Meetups are not for profit and should focus on decentralisation, data privacy, Pillar, and fun. The venue should be easy to access, available to the public, and meet all standards of health and safety.


This spaces moves very quickly, and with the principle of many minds are better than several, we’d love your help with various research projects, or simple recommendations. For example, we’re interested to hear about blockchains that provide lower fees than Ethereum.

The best place for this is our ~researchHQ channel on our online community.

Events Ambassador

Industry events and conferences are a great place to find services, partners, and individuals that can build on our platform and grow the network. We can’t attend them all, so we’d love community ambassadors to unofficially represent us.

  • Tell us about yourself and the event — Introduce yourself on Mattermost or Telegram and give some details of the conference and your background. You may find others already going who can meetup.
  • Our brief — We can tell you more about the kind of partnerships we’re looking for, provide some Pillar merchandise, and brief you on how to pitch the project — including a messaging document for FAQ.
  • At the conference — Speak to others about the project, connect to those who work towards similar values of decentralised technology and data privacy, and share updates with the community.
  • The follow up — Ask permission from those you contact, and forward any willing connections for the business development team to follow up with. Message Jelena Keatley on Mattermost, and he will follow up.

If you are representing the brand in some way, we expect the utmost standards of respect, professionalism, integrity at all times.

Spread the word!

Communication is perhaps the biggest contribution you can give.

  • Tell your network — This is up to you to get creative with. It can be as simple as telling your friends, sharing our updates, writing about us, singing about us (it’s happened before), making a video, and any other way you can think to fly the Pillar flag. Don’t’ spam and make sure to show respect and dignity, but generally, the bigger we grow, the greater our collective strength.
  • Promote the Pillar Unconference — A primary focus at the moment is inviting relevant communities to the Pillar Unconference. You can share our banners, updates, and videos in receptive communities. Refer 10 people and we’ll cover your flights and accommodation.
  • Something fancy — If you have a proposal for something big that might require a little help, let Jelena Keatley know on mattermost and we may be able to support you with it.
  • Seed partnerships — The Pillar Wallet will be a platform to build on and integrate with. One connection can make a big difference, so always look out for related services, mention the work we’re doing, and share the work of others with us.

We owe much to those who have contributed their time, skills, and resources to the project so far — and we have a lot of challenges and exciting times ahead as this movement continues to evolve and expand.

Here’s to the future!

Starter Pack

What is Pillar? Video for translation.

Personal Data Locker vision

Tomer presents Pillar to the Blockchain Centre Vilnius.

Originally published at on June 8, 2018.