⚔ Crypto Bubble? | 🤯 An Amazing Future Ahead!

8 November 2018

🤯 Pillar and the World of ‘Pull’

Ten years ago, David had a vision where we — the individuals — were in the center of transactions and had sovereignty over our personal data and information.

A world where products and services come to us based on our need, instead of we being targeted by adds and our data being lost by centralized servers owned by corporations.

This is the World of Pull.

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🥊 The Blockchain Bubble Duel!

Round 1… Fight!

David gets up on the ring with Bob McDowell in a duel about the existence of a crypto bubble!

We get to see both sides of the coin as our combatants, shot after shot, try to prove their point of view. It is truly a clash of worlds!

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