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The Smart Wallet for Dummies Part I. 🤓
We’ve been talking a lot about making your wallet “smart” lately. Drew’s articleshave already explored this planned upgrade, but for those who need something less technical, we’ve made a simplified series for you. We even made some helpful (and pretty) graphics.

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Your whole identity in your pocket 👖
While you keep hearing about all those hacked websites spilling out your personal data, we’ve been building your Personal Data Locker.

Learn how we’re turning you into “a string of letters & numbers” just like a blockchain address, which are used to identify and verify you in the digital world.

Ron explains Decentralised Identifiers

Does time really equal money? ⏳
How do you decide what something is ‘worth’ — how do we determine the value of houses, jewels and even money itself?

Pablo explores this concept of collateralisation and how your PLR tokens will play this role in your Smart Wallet. He also can’t stop talking about his latest career move…

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Hand us the keys, we’re going for an educational ride 🚗
So you got yourself a Pillar Wallet, but do you know what makes your public and private keys so uniquely secure?

Pablo, the tech-spert, breaks down the amazing mathematical stuff that goes on every time you make a new wallet and transact on the blockchain.

Learn about Asymmetric Encryption.
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The Pillar Team

Friday 31 May 2019