😻 ERC-721, NFTs… What do they mean? Why are they important? | London Meetup at Apr 4th 📆

😻 A Safe Home for Your Collectibles
ERC-721 support on the Pillar Wallet might not be a surprise for you. But do you want to learn why that is important?

Pablo has made (yet another) a fun video that brushes upon the possibilities that this token standard brings to the table!

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🧐 Now, Looking Forward…
…Pablo has also written an article regarding how the connection to the Pillar Forum is a step towards the grand vision we’re building towards.

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📆 Pillar & GeekGirl Meetup in London — 4th of April
Friendly reminder! We’re having a meetup in London where Savannah & Sonia will represent Pillar and will be joined by Nicola McNeely of Capital Law.

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💡 Chairman’s Corner
This week on the Chairman’s Corner, David writes about fake exchanges:

“I learned a lot from the Bitwise ETF presentation. To-date, no crypto-ETF has been approved. The people at Bitwise have taken a very analytical approach. Their main goal is to educate regulators on the state of the market. Their document shows that there are only a handful of accurate trading platforms and that the majority of exchanges have a lot of fake trades and inflated volume. Hat tip to Messari for point us to this very well researched and written document.”

See you soon!
The Pillar Team

Friday 29 March 2019