😲 Extra! Extra! App Features Incoming!

14 February 2019

💘 Love is in The Air!
Happy Valentine’s Day, Pillaristas! May your day be full of love!

🚨 Product Report
With the first major release of the Pillar Wallet for 2019 done, our dev team can now work with all their might on the implementation of new features to bring us closer to the Pillar vision.

The first new features to be implemented will be fingerprint and facial ID access, and the support of collectibles in the Pillar Wallet. We should expect to see those features landing in the app fairly soon!

Right after that, we’ll focus on updating the contacts, making it possible for wallet users to disconnect, block, and mute people.

For more information regarding our future plans, you should read Drew’s post outlining the roadmap for the app.

2019 Roadmap

💪🏼 Together We Stand!
The Pillar Project has joined forces with Tarmac in order to strengthen our development efforts. In this video, we have Drew — our product owner — and Brent, CTO of Tarmac, talking about this partnership and how it benefits Pillar.

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🌎 A Brave New World

Last week, Pillar was present at Blockchain Week, making new friends and connecting with other companies that are also building exciting things in this amazing landscape.

David gave a super workshop on Macroeconomics at Rise, where he navigated the nuances of tokens such as stablecoins and discussed how we might one day reach an economic future without any global recessions. Exciting stuff, right?

📸 Pictures Or It Isn’t True…
Have you noticed we’re posting more and more Pillar pics on our Instagram? I think you should follow us there. Just sayin’…

Pillar’s Instagram

See you soon!
The Pillar Team