🔥 Fresh Wallet Update! | 🆕 Pillar Forum | Vitor’s Medium Article 🖋

📲 New week, new features in the Wallet!
The Product team is not stopping after adding ERC-721 support and Forum Connection last week! You can now use TouchID and FaceID as an alternative to manually entering your pincode each time you’re opening (or re-opening) the app!

Aside from Biometric login we’ve also added push notifications, so you can receive real-time alerts on all communication from the support team, including app updates and emergency messages.

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🗣 Are you a part of the Pillar Forum already?
If you want a taste of the Personal Data Locker experience, use your Pillar Wallet to log into our brand new Forum and start chatting with your fellow Pillaristas. For example, you can find @Pablo there and ask him about his new video!

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🔐 Pillar is Engineered for Privacy
In his very first piece of a new behind-the-scenes series, our CTO Vitor explains how the dev team built their unique Connections feature and how, by their own design, Pillar can’t become another Facebook.

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📆 Pillar & GeekGirl Meetup in London — 4th of April
In two weeks we’re going to have another Blockchain Breakfast and talk about the new way to raise funds in the crypto space. Our amazing ladies, Savannah & Sonia, will represent Pillar and will be joined by Nicola McNeely of Capital Law.

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🤝 David is back from the DC Blockchain Summit
Our Chairman is very active in his “new” role — he just came back from Washington DC, where he connected with regulators and lawmakers, and presented Digital Asset Standards Association to everyone at the event.

💡 Chairman’s Corner
In this special section, David is going to add a few words and recommend his favourite read, concept or thought of the week.

Last year, several of us at Pillar learned about the book Radical Markets, by Weyl and Posner, and have been talking about their ideas. This week, people are coming from around the world to the RadicalxChange conference in Detroit to discuss moving those ideas forward into society. Recently, Buterin, Weyl, and Hitzig published a paper called Liberal Radicalism, which describes a Pareto-optimal allocation of resources for things like open-source projects, philanthropy, and public goods. The goal is to let people contribute (or vote) according to their passion and commitment to a project. Alex Tabarrok has a wonderfully geeky explanation that I recommend (but it’s technical).

For a simpler breakdown of some concepts I think are important for society, please see…

David’s talk on governance in Brussels

See you soon!
The Pillar Team

Thursday 21 March 2019