💣 Interested in PLR token utility? Learn how Pillar becomes a Smart Wallet | Building a next-gen Digital Identity for the Netherlands! 🌷

🤓 The easiest wallet to use, will also be the smartest.
Drew dives deep into Pillar’s planned Smart Wallet upgrade.
But how do you make a wallet “smart”? And how do you power it? You’ll soon be able to wake up your sleeping PLR tokens…

This is the first of three chapters — don’t miss Part II next week!

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🇳🇱 Making the Citizen Wallet a reality, for the Netherlands
In our latest video, we ask Hans-Rob from the Dutch government about their approach to Digital Identity, and how our solutions and collaboration might play out in the real world. First step — a workshop with policy-makers in just a few weeks.

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🤷🏽‍♀️ Hold up, what is this Citizen Wallet thing again?
In the video above, we also spoke with Rutger, one of the brains behind the Odyssey Hackathon, and Vinay (your favourite). You can read Pablo’s take on this “mind-blowingly good” event, where he documented the first ever glimpse of what the Citizen Wallet is, and how it may one day change your life.

Check out Odyssey Hackathon through Pablo’s Lens

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The Pillar Team

Friday 3 May 2019