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15 January 2018

🎓 Launching Pillar Academy
We are expanding our community and starting to engage the wider world, beyond crypto-space. So to that end, we are today launching Pillar Academy — a new open Slack community of young thinkers and doers who will be the most influential people of this century. We want them to come learn, collaborate, and find ways to change the status quo, because we can’t just do it with technology, we also have to change the rules and regulations.

Pillar Academy is about new forms of governance and participation. It’s aimed at young people starting their careers, but it’s also great for anyone who has an open mind and wants to help incorporate Pillar principles into the future. If you want to be an agent of change, we hope you’ll join us.

Read the Pillar Academy Announcement

🔜 ETH Constantinople fork is coming
The Ethereum community is now working very hard on scalability and ease of use. Pillar plans to be at the very front of this effort. We strongly support — as does almost everyone in the community — the upcoming “Constantinople” fork of Ethereum.

What you need to know: nothing will change for people who hold ETH or ETH-based tokens. If you’re simply an owner of ETH or tokens, regardless of which wallet you use, you do not need to do anything to prepare for this update. It gives us developers more “hooks” to add features later. If you would like to know more about the fork, please review this excellent article by MyCrypto.

🛠 Pillar Hackathon #1 starts on Thursday
Last call to join developers from Pillar, NEM, DigiByte, and Radix working on integrating their blockchains into the Pillar wallet. If you’re in London and you’re interested in hacking the Pillar source code…

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