🙌 Pillar Wallet Roadmap 2019 | After the Semi Annual General Meeting

1 February 2019

🛣 The Pillar Wallet — Current State and the Vision for 2019
Drew, our product owner, has written a roadmap to help communicate team’s priorities for the next 6 months. It’s long and detailed, but there’s a quick summary at the top. Please check it out!

Get to know the plan for 2019

⏪ Watch the Semi AGM on YouTube
If you missed the live event on Tuesday, you can still watch it on our channel — reports from Pillar development, product, bizdev, legal, customer services, marketing, finance, and labs teams give an update and plans for the next 6 months.

If you watched it already, click again anyway — we have cut the breaks out, cleaned up audio and captioned Drew’s part, so you can hear him clearly now.

👂 The Voice of the Pillar Customer
We are listening! Check Aldin’s piece to look behind the scenes of our support team’s work and learn how we are shaping our product roadmap based on your feedback.

Check out on our Medium

🎓 Join the Pillar Academy
Pillar Academy is an exciting new movement for young leaders who are willing to shape the future. We want to bring data ownership and improved governance to the world. Email sonia@2030.io if you are interested in joining our Slack group of young leaders.

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See you soon!
The Pillar Team