Sneak peak into the future — discover the Citizen Wallet built in 48 hours! 🚄 | Watch fresh on our Youtube 🎥

🔐 The Citizen Wallet is back!
Last week, we were in Holland for the Odyssey Hackathon. Our prize is the POC of the Citizen Wallet, built by our amazing dev team in 48 hours of crazy coding. Shout out to Vy, Deimantas, Jegor, Ricky, Ron, and Vitor who were one out of 100 teams that came together to brainstorm, code, and learn.
Watch and join the crew on their trip to Groningen!

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💸 Learn about Fungibility
In the next video in our fireside-chat series, David and Pablo talk about fungibility and the impact it has on our lives and our assets.
Are your children fungible? Find out now…

🎮 Gaming + Blockchain = Future
In this video, Pablo presents 7 of the most exciting blockchain gaming projects today. His in-depth analysis may reveal how much time he actually spends playing — and not working. *Nerd alert*

Regardless, it’s awesome to see how different teams use new technologies in their industries, and gaming is at the forefront of decentralized innovation.

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💡 Chairman’s Corner
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The Pillar Team

Friday 26 April 2019