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15 November 2018

😱 What is happening and why?

The world is ending.

The beta program is coming to an end in the next twelve hours. What does this mean for testers? The beta application will no longer be supported and will stop functioning. At this point, we will also be resetting the databases including all usernames/addresses, connections and chat history.

Please move your test ETH and tokens in the next twelve hours if you wish to retain them!

⏩ What are the steps before going public?

We are switching to the main net, and performing third-party security audits and QA testing. At that point, we will be submitting the application to both Google Play and the App Store for publishing.

When we release the new app, users will need to sign up again and create a new account, this time on main net.

πŸ€” The New Economic Model: Tokenization of Everything!

David, Claire Wells, Thomas Power, and Evan Luthra debate the potential of tokenization in a panel discussion moderated by Noelle Acheson.

Watch it and leave your opinion on the comments section!

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😌 Pillar is one Step Closer to Being the Easiest Wallet Yet…

The Pillar Wallet is all about efficiency and ease-of-use.

That’s why having our own integrated Blockchain Explorerβ€Šβ€”β€Šor BCXβ€Šβ€”β€Šis so important. Users don’t need to rely on 3rd-party tools to check the status of their transactions.

Watch this video and learn more about this core-feature of the world’s best wallet!

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