🧐There seems to be more to it… | 🤩 Contest is going strong!

😱 Pillar is More Than a Wallet
Did you know? If you didn’t, fear not — Pablo is here to clear things up for you! Just watch the video…

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💰 The Giveaway is Going Strong!
Our Pillar Token Giveaway has been a smashing success! With over 4.300 entries so far, there are a LOT of people in it to win!

Have you entered the contest? If not, what are you waiting for?!

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😄 Building a Fee-less world
Pillar is now a member of the Gas Station Network Alliance, which means we’re building a better user experience for the Ethereum network!

Together, we aim to simplify gas fees to make transacting as easy as possible.

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📲 More Pillaristas Spotted!
This past week saw a major influx of new Pillar Wallet downloads. The more people downloading the wallet means the closer we are to having a vibrant Pillar ecosystem. Go ahead and download yours now!

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See you soon!
The Pillar Team

Thursday 7 March 2019