Welcome to the Game of Badges! 🏅 Fresh Wallet Update | NFTs & Collectibles — it’s not all about kitties… 😻

📛 Update your wallet and unlock the Game of Badges!
The new wallet release begins a new chapter in your Pillar experience — you can now participate in our Game of Badges!

A badge is a token that you can receive but can’t send to anyone. For example, when you set up or import a wallet, send or receive transactions you will be rewarded with a special collectible that can be seen by your friends.

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😻 Collectibles — so much more than just funny cats!
Non-Fungible Tokens are growing in popularity, way beyond the gaming industry. Our Product Owner, Drew, breaks it down in this helpful piece.

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🏆 Are you ready to play the Game of Badges?
Pablo was born ready! And (with a little “help” from David) he explains why you too should get excited about our newly introduced feature.

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📖 After April Fools’…
Partha, one of Pillar main devs and an original pre-ICO team member, sent a message to all of our beloved Pillaristas, and it’s a very special one.

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💡 Chairman’s Corner
This week David asks a question…

“How much does Google know about you? A lot. Because you log into Gmail, Google follows you wherever you go. Google knows what you look like, sound like, your health, your physical condition, what you bought and what you will buy. They know where you have been and where you’re probably going. They sell all this information to advertisers, and that’s why they have such cool offices and everyone who works there gets lunch for free (and it’s delicious).”

Here are some steps you can take to control what Google knows about you.

See you soon!
The Pillar Team

Saturday 13 April 2019