What is an unconference?

An ‘unconference’ differs from a traditional conference in that attendees generate and lead the schedule, sessions, discussion topics, and interactions. This prioritises conversation over presentation — where most innovations occur — and encourages contribution, flexibility, and collaboration.

Anyone can propose a session and everyone participates in shaping the day.

Unagenda Setting

At the end of each day before dinner, we meet in front of a large board to create the schedule. You’ll see many topics listed and you’ll be able to use “dot voting” to indicate the sessions you’re most interested in. ALL sessions are given and have a place — we have plenty of rooms. The markers help to prioritise sessions.

Then we work out the schedule of which sessions take place in which rooms for the following day. You’ll see it on large TV screens in the hotel and via the Telegram group.

The best way to propose a talk or workshop is to use our form online.

You’ll also be able to handwrite cards that people can vote on, in case you get inspired at the event.

Open Space Technology

Participants are encouraged to contribute to the structure and content of a meeting are more invested in its success and outcome.

We will use a range of open space technology practices to guide this involvement, such as sitting in circles, spectrograms, idea pitching, hackathons, sounding boards, value mapping, and games. Feel free to propose your own and reasonably adapt the space as you need.

Open space technology also encourages ‘the law of two feet’:

“if you are neither learning or contributing it is your responsibility to respectfully use your own two feet to find a place you are learning and contributing.”

The Resort

The Vilnius Grand Resort is a 5 star country estate with 193 rooms and suites, 15 breakout spaces, a championship golf course, spa and fitness centre, and three on site restaurants set within 395 acres of forest and lake scenery.

Pillar has booked the 1,000 seat main conference hall, 10 of the breakout rooms, and several lounge areas which are free to be used and adapted by attendees.

Featured speakers

Projectors, large HD screens, audio equipment, refreshments, and other utilities will be provided as per request. Pillar will also film and broadcast selected events.

  • DataDash, known crypto insider with 300k subscribers on YouTube, will discuss the 2018 market and offer a guide to ICO purchasing.
  • Lex Sokolin, director of Fintech Strategy at Autonomous NEXT, will lead masterclasses on crypto capital markets, ICOs, and token investing.
  • David Siegel, founder of the Pillar Project and author of The Token Handbook, will lead a four-day Token Camp on tokenonomics and daily workshops on business agility.
  • Vinay Gupta, project manager from the original Ethereum team, will host talks on the ‘Internet of Agreements’ and ‘Blockchain and the Law’.
  • Radix will host a ‘devcon’ track for blockchain and smart-contract developers and have partnered with the Blockchain Centre Vilnius, to engage their local communities.

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