The Build of Rights:
Tracking Temperature Keeps Your Project on Track

Too hot? Too Cold? We’ll let you know.
Don't be this guy
  • $206,000: Floor subcontractor (removal of oak flooring/rubber/scrape glue, dehumidifiers, daily inspections of moisture meter, pre-wood floor installation, reinstallation of oak flooring/rubber/glue)
  • $140,000: Marble/tile removal and reinstallation (base cabinets, kitchen countertops, front panels/waterfalls, post-reinstallation of base cabinets)
  • $120,500: Baseboard remediation/patching/blocking, base cabinet removal and reinstallation
  • $40,000: Environmental costs (mold inspections)
  • $18,000: Painter (re-prep and painting affected areas)
  • $12,500: 10 laborers x 60 hours for vacuuming and remediating water issue, installing a dehumidifier
This could be you!




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