Careprost $20 for beautiful eyelashes

Careprost Eye drops (generic Lumigan) is used to treat open-angle glaucoma and increased pressure in the eyes (ocular hypertension). It works by increasing fluid drainage from the eye. Careprost is also used for increasing length, darkness, and density of eyelashes.

How to use Careprost Eye drops:

Make sure you consult your doctor to determine an appropriate dosage for your needs.
• The recommended dosage is one drop in the affected eye every evening or night.
• Be sure to remove contact lenses before applying. Lenses can be replaced 15 minutes after usage.
• Results can usually be seen after two months of usage. Once desired results are reached, apply Careprost Eye drops once a week to maintain results.
• Carefully read the label on the medication.

If you forget to take a dose, take the missed dose as soon as possible. Skip the missed dose if it is almost time for the next dose. Do not take more than your required dose to compensate for a missed dose.

Safety information:

Bimatoprost drops is for utilization in the eye just.

Bimatoprost drops may make your eyes more touchy to light.
Bimatoprost Eye drops may cause your iris to turn tan for all time. This result may not be observable for a considerable length of time to years. Talk about any further concerns with your specialist.
Bimatoprost Eye drops may cause the eyelid and the white of your eye to obscure. These impacts be that as it may, normally stop with the stopped utilization of bimatoprost Eye drops.
Inform the specialist in the event that you will be having eye surgery.
Additional alert ought to be taken while utilizing Bimatoprost Eyedrops on kids.
Tell your specialist in the event that you are nursing, pregnant, or may get to be pregnant.

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