Censored! By Myself….
Charlie Sierra Bravo

I’m both heartened and saddened having read your story. Your openness and honesty with your children seems both necessary and wise. At an appropriate stage of maturity, it’s healthy to share important parts of ourselves with our children. Now that mine are grown, I’ve been able to share the joys of new adventures and the difficulties of adapting to life as a widower with my boys. This makes for good relationships.

On the other hand, I was saddened to hear about your experiences with men, and their responses to the work that you do. Unfortunately, it seems that most people — regardless of age — are stuck in some form of their own childhood…in a state of self-centeredness that makes it all but impossible for them to feel the joy and acceptance of others without simultaneously measuring themselves by comparison in the process. Ego.

If a man can’t handle what a wonderful, capable woman you are, he doesn’t deserve you. It’s a difficult time in this culture for trying to find a person who, although ladened with their own baggage, can carry it themselves -with grace.

Thanks for sharing your point of view…

BTW…having become a private pilot in my late fifties, I know how much effort it took for you to get where you are. So happy and proud for you!!

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