Getting Interviewed By An Accelerator

After application is submitted, the board members will meet startups and idea owners that they find attractive with a potential to succeed. The interview won’t be long so come prepared. Come with your co founders if you have ones. Practice explaining your idea or startup, and pitching it, which includes: the problem you are solving, how what you are offering changes the world, why your market is big, and most importantly how your team is the right one to take on this journey. Demonstrate that your team works well together and will get things done. The most important aspect we look at is the team and how you can work together. We’d love to see something you’ve already accomplished: an MVP, users that have already signed up, prizes you took, etc. Having a pitch deck or a presentation to showcase your startup is a plus as we will eventually ask you to send us an electronic copy of your presentation afterwards.

accelerators invest in teams that will eventually build companies According to Maya Baratz Jordan, was a Managing Director at Techstars accelerators will always look at the team first when considering companies to invite to their cohorts so we’d like to work with passionate founders that are obsessed about their startup and that will do whatever it takes to make is a success

Finding the right co-founder not only impacts the process of getting the company or idea funded, but it ultimately has resounding impacts on customer acquisition and scaling. As early stage investors, accelerators look for teams where the co-founders demonstrate a strong interpersonal fit.