I have an idea but I’m afraid if I share it, others will steal it

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Many Wantrepreneurs (anyone that wants to become an entrepreneur and launch their startup) come up with great ideas but hesitate to share them with others; “What if they steal my idea?” they say, or “What if they beat me to it?”, “What if they share it with others that have more resources and leave me out?”

Here’s why NOT sharing your ideas with almost everyone around you is a deadly mistake that will almost certainly keep your entrepreneurial dream just a dream.

  • It is almost certain that someone out of the current ~7 Billion population had the same idea before you did. The idea in itself isn’t what is valuable. An idea is not worth anything without a strong dedicated team to validate it and execute on it.
  • Sharing your idea with others will allow you to better shape it by receiving feedback. Some will criticize, others will praise, you’re looking for the ones that will give you constructive feedback to validate, improve your idea, and better shape it. You’d be surprised by who can add value. Without sharing it, you cannot know whether your idea makes sense or not and might risk spending a lot of time stuck in your own head.
  • Sharing your idea with others will allow people to help you take it to the next level by introducing you to relevant people that can support you. People have a natural tendency to want to support, by sharing what you’re thinking about, you increase the likelihood of being introduced to others that can support: those can be other entrepreneurs that are doing something you can learn from, potential mentors that have knowledge in the space you’re in, potential sales leads that can be unlocked by an introduction or referral, or investors that would be interested in investing in you!
  • Sharing your idea will allow you to build the right team by raising the interest of the crazy, curious, and passionate who would want to join you on your mission.
  • Finally, if, by sharing your idea with others, someone else took it and executed it faster and/or better than you were, then you didn’t do everything needed to succeed and someone else worked harder and smarter and therefore society is better off with them offering this idea since they were more committed and more dedicated to bringing it to life.

Your best defense towards “saving” your idea is having the courage to take the first step into bringing your idea to life and having the commitment and dedication to follow through on it no matter what.

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