Startups Typical Day In Our Accelerator Program

You’ll be working on your product each day and we will push you to go to your market to talk to customers starting from day one , we don’t tell you what to do or when, but we will put specific milestones together with each startup to be achieved every week of the program and track the performance. Although, you have to be working from our accelerator office, we won’t tell you when you should come and leave the office, your startup should be your priority and you should be working on your startup whether you are at the office or not, it’s your baby and you have to nurture it yourself no one else will take care of it if you don’t. Throughout the acceleration journey you will have mentors and the accelerator staff available to help and support you face and get over challenges and learn from their experience and skills.

The acceleration program is a period where you will build your company with a lot of guidance, a lot of support, and a lot of pushing to get things done in the best way possible. Expect to be challenged, to learn a lot, and to have an amazing journey