In the end I’ve found out that my app will require 3 times more Javascript code for the same trivial tasks I normally handle in Vue.js or Riot.js but it seems that React devs don’t care so I also don’t care.
Things nobody will tell you about React.js
Gianluca Guarini

This is either exaggeration or you just don’t get it, I usually end up with the same if not less code.

Here’s an example of a bad idea, say you have a redux store that you use for a form – allot of people would write an action for every field eg. UpdateFirstName, UpdateLastName etc… say you have 50+ fields, then obviously this is a huge amount of code. If your doing it this way then you need to stop writing code and think before you implement a solution.

Now let’s use that same example, but this time you have ONE action – updateField, in which you pass the name of the field you want to update into it.