Using ML & AI to Drive Marketing Technology Strategy and Performance

The Problem

To acquire, engage, and retain customers, marketing teams simultaneously use 75–250 tech tools (email marketing, marketing automation, and analytics platforms, etc.)…

Uwila Warrior makes inclusive sized women’s underwear with fewer wedgies and more kickin’ ass.

The Problem

Every woman deserves a comfortable, functional pair of underwear for each day of her weekly rotation. Most brands tout one size fits all, but that often isn’t the case.

What The Company Does

Uwila Warrior makes high quality, functional, fun underwear. Sizes range from XXS to 4X…and the team says their underwear leaves women…

Kingscrowd captures, rates, and tracks startup investments now available in the online private markets

Everson is VP of Investments at York IE, Headquartered in New Hampshire.

Brief Background About Marshall

Marshall Everson got his start in the tech/software industry at Oracle, after a stint playing professional hockey. At Oracle, Marshall worked within the Dyn business unit and was part of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Strategic Development Team helping develop product roadmap, partnerships, and M&A strategy. …

Jeff Piltch

Passionate about the Boston and broader New England startup ecosystem. You’ll see me writing about that, technology’s impact on real estate, and other stuff.

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