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Everson is VP of Investments at York IE, Headquartered in New Hampshire.

Brief Background About Marshall

A company that is producing high-quality rangefinders for the average golfer.

The Problem

The virtual booking system for hybrid workspaces.

Taking golf shops online so courses and clubs can focus on what they do best.

The Problem

Intro to Crowdfunding

Addressing FAQ and providing an update on the company

  1. Give you a brief overview of Mount
  2. Provide answers to FAQ that the Founder & CEO, Madi Rifkin, has been getting
  3. Share some recent Mount press

1. What does Mount do?

Piltch is managing partner of Broad Sound Partners, based in Maine.

Dan Piltch, Managing Partner, Broad Sound Partners

Brief Background About Dan

What is Broad Sound’s Investment Thesis?

Electric scooters for short-term rental and vacation properties.

The Problem, Why Now?

The “tech stack” we used to build our newsletter into a community platform for less than $200

The new brand and logo

Jeff Piltch

Passionate about the Boston and broader New England startup ecosystem. You’ll see me writing about that, technology’s impact on real estate, and other stuff.

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