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Question 6: Taxi drivers work however many hours they want to work. Just like Uber drivers. Only difference is, when you sign up for a shift, you have to work that shift. You’re paying the gate whether you drive 5 or 10 hours. Most rides are street hails and cabstands. Some dispatch, depending on the company’s radio business and voucher accounts with companies. Some Flywheel. Mostly street hails though. Average rides are around $10 in the city. From Union Square to North Beach, $7 on the meter plus 20–30% tip… Anything to the avenues is the $20 range, airport $40–50, Oakland the same… Anything outside 15 miles of the city limits is meter and a half, so a ride to Redwood City is around $120. Palo Alto, $150, San Jose, $225, San Rafael, $65.