Looking forward to the debate today!

Question 8: YES! Flywheel is different. For one, you can pay your gates with your Flywheel earnings at the end of your shift. So you don’t have to wait a week to access your money. Same with Square for your credit card transactions, since they offer instant deposit. So you don’t wait a week for your money, like with Uber and Lyft. Cash, of course, is in your pocket.

Other ways Flywheel is more innovative: you get cross streets when the order comes in. That way you know whether you can take the call or not. Say, if you’re south of Market and the order is for Union Square. You know what a hassle that will be so you can decline. The app includes all the same features as Uber, navigation and a phone number to contact the rider.

Also, people can flag you on the street and pay with Flywheel. This is HUGE and most people are unaware of this feature, but someone can flag you down and during the ride, use the Flywheel app to select “pay with Flywheel.” This way, people can jump in and out of cabs without worrying about money. Flywheel takes a fee, of course, which is less ideal than a cash transaction, but this feature is a huge advantage and when more people learn about it, it can be a deciding factor when Uber’s surging outside a venue and there are cabs waiting… Frictionless payment on the fly.

I generally do not like app-based transportation. But after using the Uber app and the Lyft and the Flywheel app, as a driver, I prefer the Flywheel app. It’s designed by drivers and modified within the industry… Unlike Uber, who has absolutely NO CONNECTIONS to the transportation industry. Remember, they’re just a tech company. Flywheel is an industry app. And they only take 13%, unlike Uber’s 30%.