The Truth About the Most Hated “Character” In Afflicted

In isolation, receiving oxygen at the Environmental Health Center — Dallas, TX (2015).
Laying in bed. Unable to function.
In isolation 24/7 due to Environmental illness, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome), CVID (Common Variable Immune Deficiency), Mold Sensitivity, EMF (Electromagnetic) Sensitivity, and severe allergic reactions developed after a 2 year gas leak exposured. Breathing oxygen, next to an air purifier and laying on bed without being able to get up due to Central Nervious System Impairment, severe Hypoxia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-ME/CFS.
A nurse giving me a shot to calm down my reactions. I would be given a shot every 10 minutes.
The day my dad and I left California, right after the incident with Jeff, and embarked on our long drive to Texas. My dad was focused on driving non stop for 24 hours to get me to the safe housing for enviromentally ill patients in Dallas and start receiving oxygen treatments as soon as possible. We couldn’t make any stops. Everything was making me sick at this point, I was extremely fragile and mold (which was a very big problem for my immune system) along with chemicals found in hotel rooms and motels were a big challenge for me. My car was the only place I could tolerate. (2016)
Inside Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in Dallas TX (2016)



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Pilar Olave

Pilar Olave

is an actress, musician, and voice over artist, born in Santiago, Chile and now residing in California, USA.