Blockchain brainstorm session around maritime challenges proves to be fruitful

Together with the Chamber of Commerce, Oceanco, IHC and others, V-ID is looking forward to further build on our initial findings.

The first session of the IT Masterclass Series, an initiative out of the Drecht Cities region in The Netherlands, was focused on the #MaritimeChallenge.

This challenge was created by the Economic Development Board to drive innovation in the areas’ heavily present shipyard industry. The session consisted of presentations by the Chamber of Commerce, V-ID and experts from the maritime sector.

5 mayor challenges where identified from within the local ship building companies. The first stage is to choose one of these challenges and come up with an innovative blockchain powered solution. The participants aim to present a proof of concept coming November.


Drecht Cities Economic Development Board




Chamber of Commerce, Perry Smit



Jongeneel Lawyers