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Introducing VIDT Platform: Become a Reseller with data integrity as foundation for your own business idea

While our world is rapidly digitising, it brings us efficiency, less paper waste and a better user experience. Unfortunately, fraud is digitising as well in new and advanced forms. It is V-ID’s mission to eliminate fraud, so people can keep focusing on innovation. Now, VIDT Platform enables other organisations to jump in as well.

We are opening up our tech, so every team with a solid use case can build data integrity into their own business process.

Our mission is bigger than us

During the last year, V-ID has been approached by a growing number of people from all kinds of sectors, who see new uses for V-ID’s validation and verification. The authenticity of data, which is a very universal matter, must be applied in specific use cases in order to work. Every context, whether it be medical, industrial or educational, comes with its own unique workflows and requirements. This means that people that work in those sectors, know best what matters most in their processes.

A deeper integration of data integrity requires experts

The goal of VIDT Platform is to enable people who are experts in their own field to develop their own products and services based around data integrity. While validation and verification is part of that, other services and features that make sense in the context can be added.

Your ideas, your business model

The freedom and versatility that the VIDT Platform API provides, means that the business model is up to the reseller.

All validations and verifications will run through the proven VIDT Platform, which is already used by V-ID’s clients, such as AmSpec, Airbus Defence & Space and others.

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Only the cost-price of the VIDT transactions that are necessary for validations are required by VIDT Platform, additional fees in VIDT and/or FIAT are completely up to the reseller. So, set your own margins and payment options and build the business as you see fit.

An engine that performs under the hood

The technical steps of the validations and verifications through the VIDT Platform API happen as much beneath the surface as you would like. The VIDT API is designed to integrate with most common programming languages.

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The user experience is designed by the reseller, who can decide what their service looks like and which steps are included in the user flow. This includes branding as well. It is possible however, to keep things more basic, like simply embedding the Verification Terminal in your own screen, like you would embed a Youtube video.

The first resellers

During the last couple of months, V-ID has given the first interested organisations early access to VIDT Platform. The first resellers have already been very busy testing out VIDT Platform and building their business ideas.

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While our VIDT Platform team is building the Reseller and Developer Portal, interested teams can enter the Reseller Program by visiting about.v-id.org/platform. This way, you will be amongst the first teams to build on VIDT Platform and help our mission to eliminate fraud, so people can focus on innovation.

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