Practical use cases are the next phase for blockchain. V-ID fraud prevention leads the way.

Pim | V-ID
Oct 1, 2018 · 2 min read

Blockchain has been around for a while now, mostly as something that promises all kinds of technological advancements, somewhere in the future. Numerous start-ups have sprung up with theoretical benefits through blockchain, all with one hurdle still to overcome: adoption. To achieve main stream adoption, just like the Internet around 2000, blockchain must prove itself in real-world practical use cases.

This is where V-ID’s file fraud prevention service has taken the lead. V-ID’s platform is up and running, and already in use at organisations like Airbus Defence & Space, Krohne, world leader in flow measurement instruments, Maritime Cyber Alliance and Dutch college HBOD.

V-ID can validate files, like diploma’s, certificates, legal documents, audit trails, but also security footage, database exports, anything as long as it is a digital file. Recipients can verify the file’s integrity in 5 seconds with just an internet browser. This combination of security and convenience was simply not possible before blockchain technology existed.

V-ID explained in 90 seconds

The backbone of V-ID’s validation service is a utility token named VIDT. With every validation, a transaction with VIDT is coupled with the file, which records the file’s fingerprint and all the crucial details around the origin of the file, on the blockchain. V-ID’s customer base buys VIDT in monthly bundles to facilitate the validation of their files.

Read about the validation process here

V-ID’s platform maturity allows a new organisation to have the validation service up and running within weeks.

The team behind V-ID is made up of industry veterans, ex-CTO’s and CIO’s from American Express, KPMG, Seagull, and core developers all with 15+ years experience in secure software platforms. V-ID’s homebase is in The Netherlands and the UK.

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