V-ID & Fantom join forces to tackle multiple government projects

Pim | V-ID
Dec 28, 2019 · 3 min read

What started as a spontaneous, friendly contact between Fantom’s Michael Chen and V-ID’s Marnix van den Berg around June 2019, has now taken the shape of a mutually benificial business endeavor.

From the start, both companies have been interested in each others’ technology and strategic choices. Both teams agreed though, that a partnership should only be formed around an oportunity to solve a practical, real-world problem.

Fast forward a couple of months, and multiple large scale governments projects came along, which were a perfect fit to jumpstart the first joint efforts.

- V-ID will certify and verify the documents/data in the Fantom Chain, to push network engagement forward.

- The governments involved will commit to using V-ID’s application to authenticate documents/data.

- Both organizations will help one another expand their networks where possible.

- V-ID’s token (VIDT) will be added as one of the collaterals for CSDT to be introduced through onchain governance proposals on Xar Network.

Starting early 2020, more details will follow in the coming weeks

V-ID and Fantom will utilise their technology for several use cases that both organisations have already successfully tackled. The scale, however, is significantly larger, which brings a wider adoption of both Fantom’s and V-ID’s services, but also contributes to a more mainstream acceptance of blockchain technology as a useful solution.

About Fantom

Fantom is a consensus-as-a-service (CaaS) platform for the next generation of distributed ledgers.

The team behind Fantom has pioneered a cutting-edge consensus mechanism which is asynchronous and byzantine fault-tolerant (aBFT) by design, meaning it can function in adverse and loosely connected networks. This aBFT consensus mechanism, Lachesis, is compatible with both Cosmos SDK and the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which allow issuers to deploy their own blockchain platforms or applications with ease.

About V-ID

V-ID’s verification platform makes data integrity verifiable

V-ID is a blockchain powered document certification and verification service. By using V-ID tech, organizations can certify and secure their digital data against fraud and manipulation. V-ID is a fast growing company with over 30 customers like Airbus Defence & Space, AmSpec and Krohne and strategic collaborations with IBM, CMS Law and Nyenrode University. They are serving use cases that involve protecting files like certificates, invoices, diplomas and sensor data against unwanted manipulation in addition to protecting the integrity and the value of these assets.

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