Changing Philanthropy into Collective Action | 将公益化作集体行动

Welcome to Philanthropy in Motion (PIM)’s new blog! We decided to transition our blog to Medium in hopes that this fresh interface will reach a new and broader audience interested in China’s social innovation.


Our profile already features a few pieces from our former blog, and we will continue to reuse and repurpose old pieces in coming months, updating them as necessary to accommodate for new developments and trends. We will also be featuring a variety of pieces written by our Summer 2017 interns!


To begin, as Model Foundation 2017 approaches, we are republishing a series of stories about past Model Foundations so participants and the community can get a better idea of what the conference will be like. We hope you’re as excited as we are!


How would you improve the world with $20,000? How could you use it effectively to create social impact? Last August, 27 young people from around the world gathered in Beijing to answer this question at Model Foundation 2016. Together, we embarked on a journey to investigate different social organizations, interview philanthropists and change-makers, and find the best way to make the biggest impact.


Philanthropy in Motion (PIM) is China’s first and only “young people’s foundation” for millennials to practice strategic philanthropy and support impactful social organizations in China with a 20,000 USD fund. With the belief that everyone can be a philanthropist, PIM has given me the knowledge and tools to evaluate NGOs and social enterprises, and identify how best to support their missions.

模拟基金会是中国第一个也唯一一个“年轻人的基金会”,它致力于帮助年轻人成为更具战略眼光的慈善家,并且通过集体形式将20,000美元捐赠给中国的NGO。PIM 秉承着“人人都可以成为慈善家”的信念,让参与者掌握基本的评估技能,并且在调查、讨论、决策的过程中加深对公益领域的认识。

At Model Foundation 2016, we had 9 NGOs/social enterprises competing for the $20,000 grant, with missions ranging from forest restoration to fashion up-cycling. After an intensive 6-week process, my fellow Grant Committee Officers and I decided to support Education in Sight, dedicated to improving the eyesights of rural children, and Xixi Garden, committed to providing comprehensive sexual education to migrant children.

2016年,有9个NGO/社会企业共同竞争20,000美元的PIM基金,他们涉及的领域包括森林保护、空气净化和可再生时尚等等。经过6周的评估,模拟基金会的“ 基金分配官员”最终决定资助致力于改善农村儿童视力的点亮眼睛(Education in Sight)和发展流动儿童性教育的希希学园。

For me personally, Model Foundation was an incredible opportunity to translate my own philanthropic aspirations into shared collective action. Here are few highlights from my experience:


Voting on our shared mission and guiding values as Grant Committee Officers | 作为基金分配官员,参与者正在投票决定行动指南

Caron Qian from Yizhong Fund sharing about her lessons starting a collective giving circle with 100 philanthropists in Shanghai | 来自一众基金的钱铮女士和大家分享如何在上海成立了一个100位慈善家的集体捐赠圈子

Delivering my 45-second killer pitch! | 我进行电梯演说!

Participants conducting a video interview and Q&A with the co-founder of BEAM | 参与者在和BEAM(学愿桥)的联合创始人进行视频采访

Using design thinking to plan programs from the end users’ perspectives | “设计思维工作坊”让我们的参与者学习如何从终端用户的角度来规划一个项目

Participants debating the pros and cons of NGOs and drafting proposals on the allocation of our fund | 我们者正在激烈讨论候选组织的优缺点并撰写基金分配草案

Zumba dancing during break to get everyone in motion! | 会议间隙,尊巴舞蹈让每个人动起来!

Exploring how we can leverage innovation for impact in our closing summit| 来自不同领域的讲者在会议上分享如何利用创新提高社会影响力

Breakout sessions: mentors helping participants plan their own mission-driven careers | 导师跟学生们计划他们心目中“有使命”的职业

Presenting awards to the founders of our two finalist organizations, Education in Sight and XiXi Garden | 模拟基金会的“ 基金分配官员”最终决定资助致力于改善农村儿童视力的点亮眼睛和发展流动儿童性教育的希希学园。

These young people came from all over the world to change philanthropy into collective action. Thank you Philanthropy in Motion! |这群年轻人从世界各地来到北京,把慈善变成集体行动!

Originally published on Aug 24, 2016 by Jinglun Zhang, 2016 Model Foundation Participant. Learn more about Model Foundation here: