war on deeeeez!

the entire “war on drugs” is ridiculous, if you ask me. how do you expect to rehabilitate an addict whose situation is only exacerbated by the conditions of his confinement? the chances of re-assimilation into society becomes increasingly difficult after having spent time in prison. finding a job or support system to keep clean becomes a struggle and falling back into “old habits” seems inevitable. it becomes a cycle — a trap even. due to drug abuse many of these individuals suffer from mental illness and/or other personal demons. yes — the drug is a choice, but the addiction is a disease.

if our desire is to keep citizens drug-free and promote a productive society, our motivation should be to cure these people of that which ails them — not exacerbate it. treating addicts like people instead of as criminals encourages self-empowerment, self-healing, and self-growth. the first step to reaching a society free of drug abuse is to acknowledge that these are people in need of help — not criminals in need of punishment.