9 Steps To Treat Pimples Scars and Blackheads

Blackheads are skin problems that are similar to pimple. Just before it turns into pimple first appear on the skin of blackheads. Blackheads are small that grow around the area of ​​the nose, cheeks and forehead caused by excessive oil glands produced by the skin. Blackheads can also grow on the cheek if the oil production area cheeks too much. But the growing blackheads generally white cheek.

Based on the type you also need to know the type of skin that grows blackheads. There are two kinds, namely:

  1. Black blackheads are types of blackheads has a black color is due to the location of open comedones thereby allowing the dust settled and change color to black and brown.
  2. Blackheads white is kind of closed comedones and has a white color. These blackheads no skin layer of the bottom so it does not change the color of the skin.

Basically blackheads from great distances is not visible in the near eyes. But it can be seen clearly. Especially for white blackheads will be felt at the lump when touched by hand. For how to remove blackheads you can choose according to your wishes and its effect on your skin. There are some who prefer to use drugs made from natural ingredients to help eliminate blackheads and not a few who chose to use the cream. The following will explain how to remove blackheads using natural ingredients and cream. Natural ingredients that can be used to remove blackheads, among others:

1. Mask yam

Native fruit of this tropical country has long been believed to have benefits for the skin. So a lot of products — based products marketed yam to get skin free from pimple and blackheads. If you want to make yam as a base for your mask at home here’s how to create one:

  1. Provide a yam fruit size to be used as a mask. Previous peeled jicama first overall skin then rinsed with water. The fruit grated yam or can be blended until smooth.
  2. Put the already delicate yam was kewadah bigger then add a little water. Squeeze to pull out the essence of yam.
  3. Strain this water from the dregs of yam and wait up to 1 hour and then discard the water. The bottom of the container before you will see the sari than yam attached then grab and rounded like rice powder. The sun to dry and then stored in a cool.

Maker yam can be used at home after given water beforehand.

2. Cucumber and turmeric

Cucumber has cool properties and also moisturize the skin because the water content contained therein. Besides, turmeric also has a compound that can remove the blackheads on the skin so the skin becomes healthy and radiant. As for how to process such materials are as follows:

Peel the cucumber skin and wash them clean turmeric and turmeric and cucumber.
 Grate cucumber and turmeric. Especially for turmeric extorted to take water.
 Mixed with turmeric water earlier with grated cucumber. Use this mask on the face to remove blackheads.

It’s easy not to make these two materials as a natural remedy that you can use at home every day.

3. Lime

The fruit contains acids that can absorb excess oils on the face. Orange easier to use because you live splitting into two parts of this fruit. Then apply the water to the face that is covered by blackheads. The use of lime should be careful — careful on the face because it can cause stinging when applied to the skin, especially the skin is injured. Use regularly until your blackheads thinning than before. For more info about how to get rid of pimples and scars using lime you can go to pimplesremedyideas.com

4. Potatoes

Vegetables rich in carbohydrates is also helpful to maintain the beauty of the skin. The benefits of potatoes, among others, is to eliminate pimples, blackheads and black blemishes on the face. There have been many that prove that the potato is a natural substance that is safe without side effects. How to make a mask from potatoes are as follows:

Peel the potato skins overall and wash with running water.
 Grate the potatoes and then the results of parutannya affixed to the face for 30 minutes.
 Allow to dry and after then rinse your face with clean water.

These potatoes can mask your routine use at home and feel the benefits that it provides to the beauty of your skin.

5. Honey

The next natural ingredients that are beneficial to remove blackheads derived from bees. Quoted from WebMD, honey has a myriad of benefits for health and beauty. So do not be surprised if the price of the original honey is more expensive. The way to help get rid of blackheads is quite cheap. You just use it only on the part of blackheads and watch for a few weeks began to decrease your blackheads on the face.

Those are some natural ingredients that can be used to remove blackheads and prevent it from coming back. The other with natural ingredients that take a long time if you are interested in using the cream as a reliever following blackheads cream that can help you:

1.White magic Korea

Cream imported from Korea has a myriad of benefits for the skin, including helping to remove blackheads on the face. For this type of creamnya themselves korea white magic can be used as a tomb cream and cream day as a full package. In addition to eliminating blackheads korea cream white magic can also relieve pimple, whiten the face and disguise the black spots.

2. Glucoberry

Glucoberry is a pill that is made from vegetable oils, collagen and elastin. How to use glucoberry consumed daily by many as one sachet. The price for glucoberry one box is around three hundred thousand rupiah to the content as much as 12 sachets in a box. By regularly taking glucoberry the blackheads would disappear by itself because glucoberry works from within the body.

3. Pore cleanser

Pore ​​cleanser is a tool that has a function to suck the blackheads on the face. This tool works by sucking instead of pressing blackheads out. How it works is practically coupled with a tool that is easy to carry when you are traveling very helpful at all. The steps — steps before using the tool pore celanser are as follows:

Clean your face first by using your facial cleanser.
 Then uapkan face serves to widen the size of the pores — blackheads pores so easy to be sucked.
 Then you can do the vacuuming using this tool.
 Usually during use 30 minutes of blackheads already lifted whole from the skin.

An important note you should know is the use of these tools do the side that does not allow air to enter into it.

4. Pratista

Collagen mask or could, also known as Pratista can serve to help remove blackheads by way rub it on the skin evenly. Its use alone can be used once a day. The benefits of the collagen mask is in addition to mebantu remove blackheads is also useful, among other things:

Make skin supple as a baby.
 Prevent premature aging of the skin.
 Memnutihkan face and make a face more radiant.

That’s some of the benefits of using collagen mask regularly to your skin. However ayng note before using the cream to remove blackheads. You’ll want to consult beforehand with a dermatologist. And upon use if skin irritation became better use be discontinued immediately and replace with a cream that suits your skin type.