Photographer Guy Martin’s new book provides an intimate view of the Turkish subconscious through photographs from Turkish soap opera sets, the 2013 Gezi Park Protests, the 2016 failed coup d’etat, found images, and collected movie posters.

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From ‘The Parallel State’ © Guy Martin

Guy Martin was severely injured in 2011 while covering the Arab Spring in Libya. During his year-long recovery, the photographer relocated to Turkey and took a brief hiatus from his work. Six months into his recovery, Martin was itching to return to photography but hoping to capture lighter subject matter than conflict. With the help of a friend, he began shooting on the set of a Turkish soap opera. He continued this project for two years, engaged with the notion that he was getting to know his new home through its world of fantasy and drama.

The result of of this time he spent in Turkey is The Parallel State, published in December 2018 by GOST Books, a London-based independent visual arts and photography publisher. Martin’s photographs from Turkish soap opera sets, the 2012 Gezi Park Protests, the aftermath of the failed coup, and found images, as well as the vintage movie posters he collected, present an unequivocally in-depth view of Turkish consciousness. …

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