How Beacons Are Making A Difference In Retail Marketing

Beacons have practically penetrated every retail business operation you can think of, having successfully planted themselves there.

More and more retailers every year try to incorporate one or the other new idea into their marketing strategies to maximize their business and also build brand loyalty at the same time. One of those strategies — the very latest one that’s creating revolution — is proximity marketing through Bluetooth beacons. Looking at the possibilities it creates, the upsurge it gives in business, the changes it brings to customers’ shopping experience, altogether, has prompted retailers to rethink their strategies. There is lesser hesitation now to take the plunge to implement new technologies into the offline retail space. PinCarts is a technology solution provider for retailers — big and small — that works right from the scratch till the very end to build sustainable business models.

What retailers have realized in the long run is that, the current retail marketing scenario is: Challenging, Expensive and Inefficient. There could be gaps or miscommunication in it; and this is why an omnichannel integration/synchronization becomes a necessity and so does proximity marketing for a near 100% outreach. PinCarts is working with these brand retailers to curate the perfect hassle free shopping experience personalized for every shopper — in a way to maximize profit volumes and sustain brand loyalty too.

Including Beacons or proximity marketing for that matter into your retail marketing strategy, has several benefits as below:

Conversion Rate Through Beacons is Higher Than Any Other Medium

Majority of offline shoppers (read: shopaholics) have expressed that they are likely to buy a product if prompted by a Beacon push notification, addressing them by their name. Very few retailers are actually doing that now. This creates the need to allow PinCarts to strategize the whole business plan inculcating beacons in it. Interestingly, facts and figures also have revealed that shoppers are more likely to visit a store if notified through push notification messages, that show them relevant content.

Beacons Shall Alert a Retailer About the Presence of a Customer In-Store

PinCarts will launch a mobile shopping App soon, that allows users to virtually discover and browse through the products available at nearby stores/malls. The app will also tell them the exact location of a few stores in the vicinity where the product of their choice is available, the distance of the store, how to travel and also book a cab on the same app. Once the customer lands at the location, Beacons shall intimate the retailer/s about the same and the retailer shall be able to then connect with the shoppers, welcoming them, offering them personalized deals, notifying about new arrivals and so on. All of this will be optimized for each customer that visits/walks in.

Beacons Help Retailers Maximize Business

Not only the above, the Beacons can also help identify, micro-locate and engage with customers, available at crucial retail touch points like common areas, lobby, parking places or food court and even cinema booking windows. Which means maximizing business from the high-value shoppers, driven to stores through proximity marketing campaigns and geofencing as well.

Beacons are Low Energy, Cost Effective and Efficient

Since Beacons are low energy Bluetooth devices, they do not use any internet data pack or do not give out any harmful radiations or signals; hence they don’t even consume any battery power as compared to data operated devices. Beacon marketing for the retailer, is nearly free of cost, sparing a one-time installation and integration charges; sending push notifications, messages and other communication through beacons is free of charge as compared to the other forms of marketing, saving the retailers time, money and effort.

Beacons Help to Simplify Retail Analytics

Beacons always come with multiple benefits. For retailers, beacons will help gather vital consumer information like their shopping habits, preferences and likes without invading their privacy; this becomes the key to important retail decisions, like optimizing shopping for them. PinCarts will not only provide proximity marketing platform for retailers but also do retail analytics and provide the reports at the end of the three month trial period. If we do the retail analytics then retailers will be able to arrive at accurate decisions, quickly; enabling them to save time, money, energy and resources.

Hope this post was helpful in achieving some clarity on the topic. Happy reading,