I’m a property manager in the South of France. This is first post. I’m not sure how it works so here goes. Call me a delocated butler. With many many homes. That is actually what Pincerna means: Butler (By the way if Jeff Butler stumbles upon this I’m still interested in your domain name).

The thing with property management is that you enter the intimate lives of your clients, but only halfway. You know things are going on but not fully. And your job is not to pry. And since I’m not great at personal relationships (otherwise I would have chosen the job of press agent or phsychiatrist), I can’t even begin to ask without giving the prying impression.

But when I have the feeling things are happening I need to know to back off on a leaky watering system. That can be highly important but not when someone is going through a child’s graduation or chemo. Chemo definitely takes priority over laurel bushes. But when there is no chemo or a mother in law visiting, I have to talk about the leaky watering system or the roof. By the way most house problems involve water.

Water is the arch nemesis or property managers. Burst water tank. Forgetting to turn on the hot water. Leaky roof. Leaky watering system. Watering system that won’t come on. A toilet that won’t flush properly.

Next time your facet spritz instead of flowing, I’m your expert. And will recommend a good lime remover.

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