3 Most Important Home Safety Measures

Home is the place where children learn and grow up. It’s the place where they find love, care and comfort. It’s where they can touch, see, experience and explore the world around them, allowing their bodies and minds to develop properly. And it’s also the place where children should feel safe and secure.

However, injuries at home have become a leading cause of accidental death among children. As per statistics as many as 20 million medical visits and over 15,000 deaths occur each year due to accidents in home. A number of media reports bring attention to some of the possible accidents that could occur at home, such as choking on balloons, bitten by a pet, or finger or hand stuck in the door.

Fortunately, many home injuries are avoidable through prevention and education. Parents can take quite a few proactive steps to keep children safe and to childproof the home. Following are a few tips that can help you do just that:

Safety from Drowning: Splashing water around at playtime or bath time is great fun for many children; nevertheless, water also presents numerous possible hazards. It is possible to drown in less than an inch of water in bathtubs, pools or sinks, making them a source of great risk. To avoid this risk, it’s important to prevent such situations that may cause accidents.

A child should never be left unattended near or in water, even if it’s for just few seconds. If the doorbell or phone rings while your child or baby is in the bathtub, wrap him in a towel and carry him with you. Don’t leave him alone in the bathtub. It can take just few seconds for a child to drown. If you are leaving your baby with a caregiver, ensure that he or she knows the safety rules you follow.

Safety from doors: Cupboards and doors can all hurt the fingers of children. Children below five are mainly prone to injuries from jammed finger, and the one year olds being the most likely to get hurt. Fingers jammed in hinges and doors can result in fractured, crushed or even finger amputation. The hinge areas of doors regularly cause the worst injuries, particularly for children that are aged one to two years old. This can be easily avoided using a Door finger guard. There are many who have installed door finger guard to keep their children from having their fingers stuck in a door. These guards can be easily installed and will make your home a lot safer. Failure to installing a Door finger guard can easily cause unwanted accidents.

Safety from Firearms: As per estimates over 40 percent of all homes have a firearm. Choosing to have one makes it your responsibility to handle it safely. Never store it loaded with ammunition and keep it locked in a safe place that cannot be accessed by children. Locked cabinets and Gun safes are other options for secure storage. It is important to talk with children about the dangers of guns. As per the recommendation of National Rifle Association, simple gun safety should be taught to children at an early age.

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