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Have been a fan of PINC since it started? Well, this is your chance to join in the fun with us at HQ-the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes of an online social media marketing company! As our young start-up is growing, our team needs more enthusiastic and fierce individuals like you who support our advocacy of a more unified social media platform entirely.

So, what are you waiting for? Step out of your comfort zone and join our creative team-no one can do it the way we do!

Who we are

PINC is a social media platform that connects content creators, brand owners, and customers all in one place! By posting a photo online, content creators can earn PINCs, which enable them to make cash by a few clicks of the finger. With this, transactions are more transparent and secure, plus shoppers also get to have a more personalised experience. …

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Can you believe that the year is almost ending?

What a whirlwind it has been for PINC! From officially launching our website to hitting the 30,000-user mark, this year has been full of blessings we are continuously grateful for!

With all the festive dinners and last minute Christmas shopping, everyone is already in a holiday frenzy. …

Landing pages act like digital entities for promoting and selling your products or services. An effective page will display much-needed information that will further entice your visitors to convert. Today’s visitors are fickle-minded beings with short attention spans and are averse to marketing gimmicks. Hence, tacky images and lines of empty promises no longer bode well.

Luckily for you, designing a landing page has also gotten simpler. So with 2018 drawing to a close, it’s time to review and refresh the keys to a successful site. But first, let’s recap on the two commonly-used landing page structures:

• Click-through page: as the name implies, this type allows visitors to “click-through” to another page, where they can find a detailed description of the product. Most e-commerce websites prefer this, as visitors tend to buy more when they see detailed descriptions instead of generic ones. …



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