3 Thought Leaders That I Am Honored To Call Friends: 15 Videos That Can Inspire You To Take Action

Work and play have always been the same thing to me.

As a creative artreprenur, my motto is “Do what you love and find a way to pay yourself.” I am always learning how to balance life and being inspired by the friends I enjoy spending time and having great conversations with.

The three friends I am going to introduce to you are three very important people you might want to check out, follow and even connect with. I teamed up with each of them to create a week-long series of video discussion via the Zoom app on topics that seem to touch on everyone’s life this year. The recording happened online while we were all in different countries/cities.

These videos were released on my YouTube channel New York Real TV. Each of them is about 15–30 mins long. Click on ones that seem interesting to you! I hope you enjoy our conversations and be inspired to start your own with people you know who inspire you on or off line.

Happy 2018! Here we go!

Guest #1. Becky Walsh

Bristol / London, England — beckywalsh.com

Intuitive life catalyst and coach for clients who feel stuck. Author, TV and radio presenter. Speaker and comedian.

I was introduced to Becky from Lilou Mace’s TV interview with her. I bought 7 copies of Becky’s book “You Do Know — Learning To Act On Intuition Instantly” for my closest friends. Naturally, we connected on Twitter!

My favorite memories with Becky include chilling in the green room of the London music venue The Garage where my band performed, interviewing Becky on New York Real and trying vegan pizza in the UK for the first time. I love her sense of humor! She really is a fairy godmother who sees so clearly through every life’s situation.

New York Real Zoom Videos — Becky Walsh Week:

Monday: Why Do We Meet Who We Meet?

Tuesday: How We Know What We Know

Wednesday: How To Spot A Lie

Thursday: How Yo Read Your Lover

Friday: Raising Your Value, Game And Stepping Into Your Power

Guest #2. Dorie Clark

New York , New York — dorieclark.com

Contributor to Harvard Business Review; marketing strategist and keynote speaker; Duke Fuqua professor; author of Entrepreneurial You, Stand Out and Reinventing You. Standup comedian

Dorie for president! You’d hear me or some of our mutual friends say that sometimes. Dorie is a magnet of interesting people and opportunities. She is the reason why I have a LinkedIn account and started writing. She is one of the most intelligent, confident, resourceful and discipline people I know.

Her dinner parties are full of surprises. I always ended up sitting next to people I had magical connections with. I don’t think they are just coincidences. I believe Dorie brings the best out of everyone she meets. People just want to up their game when they are around her, which is pretty awesome. If you are a cat lover, you gotta follow her on Instagram!

New York Real Zoom Videos — Dorie Clark Week:

Monday: How To Find Your Breakthrough Idea

Tuesday: How To Build + Grow Your Email List

Wednesday: How To Structure Your Day + Year To Be More Productive

Thursday: Networking As An Introvert — How To Talk About Yourself

Friday: How To Blog For High Profile Publications

Guest #3: Roberto Blake

Atlanta, Georgia — robertoblake.com

Creative entrepreneur, YouTube certified video marketer and speaker. CEO and creative director of Create Awesome Media, LLC. Featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur and HOW Design.

If you are a serious creator and have not heard of Roberto Blake, subscribe to Roberto’s YouTube channel right now! I hear Roberto’s voice everywhere I go “Create something awesome today, Olive!”. When I am discouraged or lacking direction, I watch my friend’s videos. He has spoken about every topic you can imagine under the umbrella of creativity and entreprenuership. His advice is super practical, detailed and thought proviking. You just won’t find another Roberto in this world! To me, he has invented a refreshing new way to live, hustle and connect with the world.

My favorite time spent with Roberto is either going to be our dinner @ The Grey Dog Cafe in Manhattan where we talked each other’s ears off or flying drones in freezing Dumbo with our YouTuber friend Kraig Adams which you will see in our Friday video below.

New York Real Zoom — Roberto Blake Week

Monday: Golden Era Of YouTube * 2017–2020 *

Tuesday: The Robots Are Coming! What Are YOUR Skills? TECH TALK

Wednesday: The Entrepreneur’s Checklist

Thursday: How To Make Money As A Creative + Lesson From Game Of Thrones