#100growthdays Challenge

When you just starting up and being responsible for 1001 things it is hard to commit to moving forward. Of course, you are moving forward but 1001 directions at the time and they do not necessarily bring growth.

You are not alone.

Early stage founders & marketers simply do not have time to

  • build good foundations for growth
  • improve their own website / app
  • strengthen their digital marketing base.

Sounds like lots of work, right? Actually you can do it in 100 days, committing less than 20 minutes at a time. 4 minutes for reading, 15 minutes for executing.

Join #100growthdays by executing a daily tip, or by suggesting your own. Share what helps you grow!

  1. Tweet the executed tip with “I did it #100growthdays 👊”
  2. Tweet your own growth bite and include #100growthdays

I also love the quote from Roy Spence GSD&M:

The one thing that will out-trump everything is just to outwork bastards. You’ve got to out-work them, out-think them, and out-passion them.

You can achieve results by shipping consistently — sheer perspiration is the main factors that helped founders to achieve success.

Still reading? Go and hack some growth already.

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Pineapple A Day | Startup Growth Execution is a guide that would give you an actionable step that would take 5 to 20 minutes to execute and contribute towards your startup growth. A growth bite a day.