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A lot of design processes are followed when creating a product. These design processes however don’t result in a hard and fast decision every single time. Many decisions are taken based on the designer’s intuition and interpretation of the information available. And so naturally, there are scenarios when designers find themselves in a split between different decisions. This is when Split Testing, or A/B Testing as it is commonly referred to as comes into the picture.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is an evaluation experiment performed to find out which of the 2 versions of a webpage, app, ad, or email converts better. Variables like font, button color, micro-copy are changed and both versions are shown to separate halves of the same target audience. Based on the statistics, a study is then done to understand how each version affects the user behavior, and the version closer to the company goals is adopted. …



Digital experience studio with a focus on UX/UI designs for products that tell a story.

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