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A lot of us would be of the opinion that smartphones have accelerated the speed of our interactions with the world of technology. But if you really think about it, we’ve moved from typing with our 10 fingers on our computer keyboard, to now using just 2 fingers on our smartphone screens I will not talk much about this bandwidth issue, as Elon Musk likes to call it, and his futuristic plans with Neuralink. Instead, this article will focus on a very specific topic — Gestures. Let’s explore how gesture interactions impact our digital experiences.

For the purpose of this…

This is not a political post.

The 2020 US Presidential elections were one of the closest in the history of the US. There’s a small problem regarding how the data of these elections is portrayed. Although being statistically correct, the way the data is shown can heavily be misrepresented in different ways, thereby changing a common man’s perception and his decisions about critical topics. Before diving deeper into it, let’s first understand how the votes for the US elections are judged.

In the U.S., the citizen s directly vote for their president. However, instead of a total nationwide vote majority…

A lot of design processes are followed when creating a product. These design processes however don’t result in a hard and fast decision every single time. Many decisions are taken based on the designer’s intuition and interpretation of the information available. And so naturally, there are scenarios when designers find themselves in a split between different decisions. This is when Split Testing, or A/B Testing as it is commonly referred to as comes into the picture.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is an evaluation experiment performed to find out which of the 2 versions of a webpage, app, ad, or email converts better…

Social Media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook changed the way users interacted online! As Instagram completes 10 years, we decided to take a guess what the next generation of social media platforms could look like!

The present landscape of social media is dominated by Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, and TikTok. Owing to the market penetration of broadband internet and mobile connectivity in tier 2 and 3 cities, more than half of the world’s population today uses social media with numbers only rising. With such a huge potential audience to tap into, there is scope for a dozen…

User Experience principles and practices are essential to creating digital products that the user has a good time using. But sometimes breaking these UX Principles can be a good idea. In this article, we will go over some companies and look at how they purposefully break UX guidelines to achieve specific goals.

The beginning of User Experience Design

In the early days of the internet, all the websites and apps that came along had clunky interfaces. They featured cluttered home pages, distracting color-schemes and an overload of call-to-actions

As interface design got more nuanced, these designs gave way to more pleasant looking interfaces. The emphasis also…

Let’s clarify it, once and for all.

As businesses, designers, product managers, marketing managers, and founders we understand business strategies and sales strategies. Amongst all of this havoc, what the hell is Design strategy? Why do we have them in the first place? Can’t products be launched without creating design strategies?

Is design strategy merely a term that is used to fancy around?

Well, products and designs can be launched and created without creating a design strategy but it only comes at the cost of lack of research, lower user acquisition, reduced user retention. …

In India, over the past decade, we have seen a huge shift in the digital design industry. We have seen tremendous growth in 2019 and an exponential increase in the adaptation of designs by every industry.

However, even though the trends of design in India are growing significantly, we are required to brace the latest trends that will allow a significant boost in the careers of every designer.

Pineapple is a design studio based in India, and we decided to dedicate this article to all Indian UX-UI designers with an aim to help cope with the gaps we face today…

Look at the image above. Which button seems better to look at? The common answer would be the second one, even though the design for both the buttons are similar. The reason behind the second one being more fun to look at is due to motion injecting life into a static design.

Modern web design is rapidly moving towards using motion to enhance and supplement human-computer interaction. Large corporations like Google and Microsoft have their own set of guidelines for design which helps bring consistency across the web. …

We live in a digitally transforming world where there is a high dependency on wireless cellular networks. Moreover, the speed with which these cellular networks connect every human being across the globe is becoming essential for improved digital communications.

8 years ago, it seemed almost impossible to imagine that technologies like AI and Internet of Things (IoT) that require myriads of data transmitting capabilities would even exist. Today, these networks have revolutionised the way products and services across every industry, viz. finance, healthcare, agriculture, etc. are accessed and utilized.

These are some benefits which the 4th generation of wireless internet…

A UX-UI Designers job is collaborative in nature. Transforming the design into a usable product requires effective communication between multiple teams. Developers are the strongest pillar out of them.

It is the development team that brings the design to life, adding every interaction component making the design look intuitive.

However, it is quite a challenge to provide the development team with a handover after the final designs have been created. When this transition isn’t seamless, the designers often find themselves solving the questions of the developer. …


Digital experience studio with a focus on UX/UI designs for products that tell a story.

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